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Medical and Health Tourism in Iran

Current achievements in medical research and healthcare services made Iran a famous country for medical and health tourism. The low cost of treatment in Iran helps to improve the role of this country for tourist attraction. An analysis shows that the treatment cost of Iran procedures, compared to the developed countries, is at the lowest level. Iran is also very cost-competitive compared to its regional countries such as Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Southeast Asian countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of 2000, healthcare in Iran ranks 58 and 93 in health-system performance. Well-known and experienced doctors, private healthcare systems and modern equipment and technologies provide you with world-class services.
In an interview with the Tehran Times, Vahidreza Mohebpour, who presides over the health tourism department of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, asserts that Iran yields considerable benefits to international healthcare seekers, offering affordable yet quality treatment services. "Cost-effective, high-quality and adequate services have always been the very items on top of our tourist patients' agenda when it comes to select a target country for its medical services," he said. Medical and health tourism in Iran, with all that said, has great potential for health care.

Treatments and Healthcare

Medical Services

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Hospitals and Treatment Centers

Iran has modern hospitals and treatment centers capable of providing services in all branches of medical science. You can use these facilities in most Iranian cities. We will guide you to choose the best option according to your type of treatment and other features you want.

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Doctors and Specialists

Since health and survival are the most critical issues in a person's life, choosing the best physician is essential in maintaining this essential factor. We are aware that you desire to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest period of treatment. Many Iranian doctors and specialists are well-known in the world of medical science. Iranian doctors have shown remarkable performances in various specialties. They have also contributed to medical science in their field of research. However, we are here to do allow you to choose from the best.

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Medical Insurance

Health care is expensive in most countries around the world. In Iran, despite the low cost of treatment, there is also the possibility of using health tourists' insurance. Many insurance companies now offer such services. After reviewing all of them, we suggest an option that will give you enough satisfaction to pay less for your excellent health services.

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Iran has been able to produce most of the drugs. Therefore, the drugs purchased are far less expensive than in many countries. We provide you with a list of pharmacies to easily access the drugs you need.

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Medical Consultation

We strive to get you satisfied at all stages of treatment. Therefore, in addition to the tips and services mentioned above, we have made it possible to answer your specific questions and demands through the Iran Landmark support team. Just get in touch with us.

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